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Universities engaging men to end violence against women

Men’s violence prevention (MVP) programs seek to transform men’s silence and inaction into allyship and change. However, it should be clear: MVP is a complementary approach to other violence against women (VAW) work. The point is not to center men, but to support women’s activism, research and leadership towards the goal of ending VAW wherever possible. [continue reading…]


What works to prevent violence against children in Afghanistan? Findings of a school-based peace education intervention in Afghanistan

This paper presents the results of an evaluation of school-based peace education and a community-based intervention to change harmful social norms and practices related to gender and the use of violence in conflict resolution, implemented in Afghanistan with the aim of reducing violence against and between children. [continue reading…]

Activity Reports

Education is the key to eradicate violence against women in Yucatán (Mexico)

“Through proper training and strengthening of tools for people working to eradicate violence against women, the Government of Yucatán complies with the tenets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, said the head of the General Secretariat of Government (SGG), María Fritz Sierra at the closing of the workshop “Education for peace, transformation of conflicts, breaking the cycles of violence.” [continue reading…]

Action Alerts

Nobel Peace Prize 2018: a teachable moment

This Nobel Prize presents a teachable moment.  Too few are aware of how integral violence against women (VAW) is to war and armed conflict. VAW will continue to exist as long as war exists.  Eliminating VAW is not about making war somehow “safer” or more “humanitarian.”  Reducing and eliminating VAW is dependent on the abolition of war.  [continue reading…]