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The Importance of Hope in Changemaking

Research has found that hope, or the wish for and confidence in the realization of a goal, is essential for achieving social change and peacebuilding efforts, and that futures thinking, or mentally planning out a desired world, is a key means to achieve these aims efficiently.

Seven complex lessons in education for the future

UNESCO invited Edgar Morin to express his ideas on the essentials of education for the future as viewed in terms of his conception of ‘complex thought’. The essay published here by UNESCO is an important contribution to international debate on ways of reorienting education towards durable development. Edgar Morin sets forth seven key principles that he considers essential for education of the future.

Betty Reardon on envisioning a transformed world

“Thinking about how the world might be and envisioning a society characterized by justice are the essence of conceptualizing the conditions that comprise positive peace. If we are to educate for peace, both teachers and students need to have some notion of the transformed world we are educating for.” – Betty Reardon

From Emergency to Emergence

David Korten argues that COVID-19 is an unprecedented opportunity to rethink how our beliefs, values, and institutions shape our relationships. We can create a world that works for everyone or face a future that no longer works for anyone.

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