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Herman Daly in memoriam: A Economist Who Future Economists — and Societies — Will Dare Not Ignore

The death of Herman Daly should be mourned by all who seek to mitigate the climate crisis. He warned of the consequences of the continued exploitation of the planet to provide ever more privileged lives for the rich, greater deprivation of the poor and the decimation of this planet. Peace educators seeking to help students to develop the capacity of discernment might share Daly’s work.

Report from Afghan Civil Society

Afghans for Tomorrow recently issued a statement on the current donor situation in Afghanistan and its impact on civil society organizations, education and women. Amongst their suggestions to deal with this crisis is the provision and prioritization of education and employment opportunities for girls and women.

Racial wealth gap learning simulation

Bread for the World provides a simulation as an interactive tool that helps people understand the connections among racial equity, hunger, poverty, and wealth.

The Economic Ladder is Color Coded

This Corona Connection examines the economic catastrophe the pandemic has visited upon the low-waged workers upon whom the daily life of society depends; workers who, for the most part, are African Americans and other people of color. Analysis also reveals that these “essential workers” are largely women, making it apparent that gender, as well as race, are factors that must be taken into account in the planning of the recovery process.

Vulnerability and the Virus: The Other End of the Hammer

The pandemic has fully exposed the fact that those at the bottom of the global socio-economic ladder live in a state of regular, systemic deprivation. Awakening all to the realities and requirements for overcoming structural vulnerability is an immediate challenge for peace education.

From Emergency to Emergence

David Korten argues that COVID-19 is an unprecedented opportunity to rethink how our beliefs, values, and institutions shape our relationships. We can create a world that works for everyone or face a future that no longer works for anyone.

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