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Peace Education Handbook for the Great Lakes Region

The Peace Education Handbook is a product of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR)’s Regional Peace Education Project and is addressed to teachers, facilitators, trainers, and educators who are looking to integrate peace education into their work and curricula.

Kids4Peace Boston Seeking a Program Director

Kids4Peace Boston is seeking a Program Director. The Program Director is responsible for developing, organizing, supervising, and evaluating all K4PB summer and school-year programs.

Review of Peace Education Activities in Pakistan

This research paper by Rameez Ahmed Sheikh focuses and illustrates the nature of peace education in Pakistan in the context of a culture of peace. The informative aspects of the paper analyses and evaluates peace education in Pakistan and in an international context. The discussion about peace education in Pakistan needs more attention of promoters regarding peace activities. The paper also engaged in an examination of principles, ideals, and actual practice behind peace education.

Building a Peace Education Program: Critical Reflections on the Notre Dame University Experience in the Philippines

This paper draws upon the experiential and theoretical insights gained from 5 years of developing a peace education program at Notre Dame University in the Philippines. The critical reflections on that experience encompass the processes, relationships, and structures embodied in the program, and its achievements, constraints, difficulties, and prospects for the future. It is hoped that a case study of peace education in the Philippine context, which is burdened by such deep crises of conflict, violence, and human suffering, may yield meaningful answers and questions for enhancing the craft and struggle of educating for peace, justice, and compassion.

Making Peace: How Schools can Foster a more Peaceful World

The research of Silvia Diazgranados Ferráns, an instructor and doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, reveals peace education as a complex field that seeks to help schools build communities that foster peacemaking and citizenship — to encourage students to become empathetic, inclusive, critical thinkers who have the skills to live peaceful lives.

Global Peace Education Forum 2015, “How Might Educators, Entrepreneurs and Public Authorities Foster Synergies for School Transformation?”

Cross-Sectional Collaboration – The Key to Collective Efforts to Nurture Holistic Youth (Original article: Archana Divi Chandra Mohan Pillai, Global Peace Foundation Malaysia, 11-6-15) With growing concern about the future generation, …

Global Peace Education Forum 2015, “How Might Educators, Entrepreneurs and Public Authorities Foster Synergies for School Transformation?” Read More »

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