Work-life Balance during the Enhanced Community Quarantine

Maria Margarita A. Acosta, Ph.D. shares her reflections on balancing multiple roles, as she adapts to the new normal of working from home during COVID-19. She uses creativity in securing her needs and that of her home team, while establishing a daily routine that includes time for spiritual expression.

The virus of “crisis nationalism”

Werner Wintersteiner argues that the Corona crisis reveals that globalization has so far brought interdependence without mutual solidarity. The virus is spreading globally, and combating it will require a global effort, but the states are reacting with national tunnel vision. In contrast, a perspective of global citizenship would be appropriate to the global crisis.

COVID-19: it’s time to rethink security

Will we learn now that militarized security systems do not and cannot provide human security? Will peace educators take up the opportunity to explore the alternative security systems that this crisis demands we consider?

1.37 billion students now home as COVID-19 school closures expand

As school closures impact nearly 80% of the world’s student population, UNESCO convened an online meeting of education ministers who shared information about measures deployed to support teachers, parents, and students in coping with home learning. They also pointed to emerging challenges that require global cooperation. 

The Nail Problem: Patriarchy and Pandemics

Many in peace and justice movements have called for using this critical time to reflect, plan and learn our way to a more positive future. One contribution we, peace educators might make to this process is reflection on the possibilities for alternative language and metaphors toward which peace linguists and feminists have long tried to persuade us to focus our attention.

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