Human Connections Forged in Human Suffering

An overlooked element in the COVID experience is how it can lead us into reflections on the human connections that carry us through the suffering, giving us an actual physical sense of being members of one human family, capable of caring for each other, as we must if the family is to survive. This post is a vivid instance of such an experience.

Help students connect and reflect on the year

Facing History & Ourselves provides activities to guide students to conduct an interview as a way to reflect on the events of 2020 and connect in a time when travel and gatherings are restricted.

Dialogue with Dr. Betty Reardon on Peace Education hosted by UNESCO APCEIU

The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding, in partnership with the Korean Society of Education for International Understanding, hosted a virtual Dialogue with Dr. Betty Reardon on the occasion of the publication of the Korean translation of Dr. Reardon’s book, “Comprehensive Peace Education.”

Sport: A global accelerator of peace and sustainable development for all

Sport and physical activity can help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the health and wellbeing of people. Investing in sport programmes and policies can build global resilience to deal with future global shocks. A recent report from the United Nations Secretary-General details how.

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