White Privilege: Pervasive and Perverse

In this Corona Connection, we explore how racism is deeply rooted in American culture and psyche, allowing for multiple harms inflicted through white privilege. Unless and until white Americans honestly confront and acknowledge the advantages conferred by nothing more than being born into white skin, and accept the personal and social challenge of eliminating that privilege, there can be no authentic reconciliation and social cooperation among all Americans. [continue reading…]

News & Highlights

The Economic Ladder is Color Coded

This Corona Connection examines the economic catastrophe the pandemic has visited upon the low-waged workers upon whom the daily life of society depends; workers who, for the most part, are African Americans and other people of color. Analysis also reveals that these “essential workers” are largely women, making it apparent that gender, as well as race, are factors that must be taken into account in the planning of the recovery process. [continue reading…]

Action Alerts

Manifesto for a New Normality

In this Corona Connection, we introduce The Manifesto for a New Normality, a campaign by the Latin American Council for Peace Research (CLAIP), whose purpose is to generate a stream of critical opinion of normality prior to the pandemic. This campaign also aims to stimulate citizen commitment to the participative construction of a new just and necessary normality through awareness and collective reflection.
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