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Corona Connections: Learning for a Renewed World

The coronavirus, now enveloping the world in an unprecedented health crisis, undermines economies, exacerbates all other global problems, and adds suffering to the vulnerable throughout the world. COVID-19 is likely the first of repeated pandemics to be experienced in an already frighteningly uncertain future. As peace educators, we know that we cannot deny or retreat from the fear, but take hope and action to engage in the learning we believe to be the best and most effective response to the full range of threats to our planet. This crisis is an opportunity to formulate questions that lead us into authentically new, fresh forms of learning, unprecedented inquiries, truly distinct, but still derived from those we have for some time employed in our attempts to elicit visions of and plans for a preferred world. It is time, as well, for a truly new vision. Toward the conceptualization of that vision, the GCPE is posting this series, “Corona Connections: Learning for a Renewed World.”

The Economic Ladder is Color Coded

This Corona Connection examines the economic catastrophe the pandemic has visited upon the low-waged workers upon whom the daily life of society depends; workers who, for the most part, are African Americans and other people of color. Analysis also reveals that these “essential workers” are largely women, making it apparent that gender, as well as race, are factors that must be taken into account in the planning of the recovery process.

No Going Back: What Could the Resumption of Nuclear Testing Mean for A New Normality?

Any and all progress made toward controlling the proliferation of nuclear weapons, as well as their elimination, are placed in jeopardy by the possibility of the resumption of nuclear testing. Peace educators must give serious and immediate attention to this Statement from Abolition 2000 if we are to achieve the renewed normality that we have begun to contemplate.

Reviewing our Pedagogy in Walking the Path to a New Normality

This Corona Connection is a pedagogical companion to the previous posting of the “Manifesto for a New Normality.” Focusing on the vision of a transformed world that informs the Manifesto, Betty Reardon advocates a review and revision of peace education practice, so that the field may be able to better prepare citizens to act in this extraordinary moment of opportunity.

Manifesto for a New Normality

In this Corona Connection, we introduce The Manifesto for a New Normality, a campaign by the Latin American Council for Peace Research (CLAIP), whose purpose is to generate a stream of critical opinion of normality prior to the pandemic. This campaign also aims to stimulate citizen commitment to the participative construction of a new just and necessary normality through awareness and collective reflection.

Educating for Peace in a Frightened World

Colins Imoh, a Nigerian peace educator, reflects on how some of the basic concepts of peace education, among them, equality, solidarity, and universality, are challenged by the unprecedented conditions of a pandemic in which all are literally “in fear for their lives.”

Stop the Pandemic’s School Pushout!

“Stop the Pandemic’s School Pushout,” a call to action by the Dignity in Schools Campaign California, reveals the systemic structural racism of schooling in America, and how educational responses under COVID-19 have only served to further marginalize the most vulnerable. 

Vulnerability and the Virus: The Other End of the Hammer

The pandemic has fully exposed the fact that those at the bottom of the global socio-economic ladder live in a state of regular, systemic deprivation. Awakening all to the realities and requirements for overcoming structural vulnerability is an immediate challenge for peace education.

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