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UN Urged to Declare a Global Peace Education Day

Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN and Founder of The Global Movement for The Culture of Peace, spoke at the First Annual Peace Education Day Conference organized virtually by The Unity Foundation and Peace Education Network. The conference organizers support an agenda to create a “Global Peace Education Day.”

Let peacekeeping go hand-in-hand with peacebuilding

Mr. Edgar K Buryahika argues that we should create a situation where we do not only put our energy and resources on peacekeeping, but rather peacebuilding, peace education, and peace sustaining mechanisms in Uganda.

Quality education, a school culture of care, and psychosocial well-being: Voices from Syrian children in a public school in Lebanon

In Hajir’s recent research in a public school in Lebanon, school-level experiences of Syrian children underscore that where refugees are included in national schools, they continue to feel excluded from some opportunities that might improve their psychosocial well-being. Her research also reveals that establishing a school culture of care, in addition to physically and psychologically safe environments, is crucial in addressing students’ perspectives on ‘quality education’.

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