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Can peace really begin in classrooms? Online forum examined the issues for UN International Day of Education

How to teach peace around the planet was the topic of the Global Peace Education Forum on UN Education Day, January 24. Talks included UN Sec-Gen Antonio Guterres, Taliban shooting survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, UNESCO top educator Stefania Giannini, French activist/actress and Harvard professor Guila Clara Kessous, and UNESCO ex-chief Federico Mayor Zaragoza.

Three Decades of Peace Education in the Philippines

On June 27-28, 2016, the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Studies of the University for Peace and the Center for Peace Education of Miriam College organized a Forum on the theme “Three Decades of Peace Education in the Philippines.” The Forum, held at Miriam College, Quezon City Philippines, gathered more than 60 peace educators and advocates from all over the country. It provided an opportunity for sharing stories of hope and challenges of formal and/or non-formal or community educators in promoting peace education over the past three decades. Participants were also able to share renewed hope and inspiration of how to move forward as peace educators to fulfill a vision of a more just, compassionate, peaceful and sustainable planet.

Thinking about peace education: Lessons from the National Encounter on Peace Education (Colombia)

From October 1-2, 2015 a National Encounter on Peace Education was held in Bogota, Colombia. The event was summoned by 40 government organizations in partnership with civil society and with international cooperation. More than 650 persons from 285 regions and institutions of the country participated. For the past several months, a working group of the organizing entities devoted themselves to realize the compilation of the valuable documents, testimonies and records made possible through the encounter. These outcomes are shared in the book “Thinking about peace education: Lessons from the National Encounter on Peace Education.”

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