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Involve communities in peacebuilding (Uganda)

It is essential to involve people at the grassroots level in providing solutions to their challenges. Therefore, peace education should be made compulsory in schools in the region. This was one of the conclusions of the inaugural honorary lecture series on peace building in the Great Lakes Region hosted by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria University.

Afghan Kuchi Tribes Thrive With Community Education

Kuchi people are some of the poorest and least represented people in Afghanistan. School isn’t traditionally a part of the nomadic life, so many adults in the tribes are illiterate. However, parents can see the benefits of education and want more than anything for their children to read and write. 

Where to Study Peace Education: A Global Directory

All around the world there is a growing demand for peace education, yet few know of the learning opportunities that exist for gaining knowledge, developing capacities, and building the fundamental pedagogical skills for teaching peace. In support of this need, the Global Campaign for Peace Education, in partnership with the International Institute on Peace Education and the Peace Education Initiative at The University of Toledo is pleased to announce the official launch of “Where to Study Peace Education: A Global Directory.” This online catalog provides an easily searchable inventory of formal and non-formal programs, courses, and workshops in peace education from around the world.

Student Creates Butterfly Project in Response to Tamir Rice’s Death

Second-year social work master’s student Shelly Gracon describes herself as very outspoken and an activist who takes a sustainable approach. Those qualities have served her well as she has worked to address the shooting death of a 12-year-old Cleveland boy and create a long-term environment of healing and hope for those directly affected and for the broader community. Gracon is a student in the Community Practice for Social Change concentration in the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.

Learning to Abolish War: Teaching Toward a Culture of Peace

“Learning to Abolish War: Teaching Toward a Culture of Peace,” is a peace education resource packet developed by Dr. Betty A. Reardon and Alicia Cabezudo.  The comprehensive 3-book packet includes a theoretical overview, sample lessons, a teacher-training outline, and networking resources for peace education.

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