The School Embraces the Truth (Colombia)

On June 9, more than 1,300 educational institutions throughout Colombia commemorated the first anniversary of the delivery of the Final Report of the Truth Commission. In the company of civil society organizations and education secretariats, the schools organized to live a special day with their educational communities, opening a path of dialogue and reflection on the value of truth in coexistence and the history of the Colombian armed conflict.

“Colombian university campuses must be spaces for knowledge and the construction of peace”: Minister Aurora Vergara Figueroa

“In the National Government we are committed to building a culture of peace, through an exercise that must call on the entire society to overcome the cycles of violence that have generated injuries and pain for decades. We will continue to accompany the Educational Institutions Superior in the design and implementation of strategies, protocols and care and prevention routes against any type of violence on campus…” – Aurora Vergara Figueroa, Minister of Education

Education for peace: Systemic vision and multi-dimensional process (Colombia)

Multi-dimensional violence in Colombia has had a devastating effect on socio-cultural, political, economic, and environmental terms. To achieve a systemic change, it is necessary to understand the diversity of environments and actors that affect the learning of young people. Understanding this universe of actors and experiences, the Mi Sangre Foundation has designed a four-level intervention model; a proposal that has evolved over time in response to the needs of young people themselves and today’s society.

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