“Colombian university campuses must be spaces for knowledge and the construction of peace”: Minister Aurora Vergara Figueroa

“In the National Government we are committed to building a culture of peace, through an exercise that must call on the entire society to overcome the cycles of violence that have generated injuries and pain for decades. We will continue to accompany the Educational Institutions Superior in the design and implementation of strategies, protocols and care and prevention routes against any type of violence on campus…” – Aurora Vergara Figueroa, Minister of Education

Hand in Hand Schools Promote Jewish-Arab Coexistence in Israel

Mohamad Marzouk has focused much of his work on the advancement of civil society in Arab communities in Israel, as well as on peace education between Jewish and Arab Israelis. When the oldest of his three children was ready to attend kindergarten in 2000, Marzouk was participating in a group promoting Jewish-Arab dialogue. The members decided the best way to build lasting relationships between Arab and Jewish Israelis was to create a school attended by both groups. After hearing about Hand in Hand Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel, an organization that had started two bilingual (Hebrew and Arabic) schools for Jewish and Arab Israeli children, Marzouk’s group founded a third branch of Hand in Hand in Wadi Ara. He sent his three children there.

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