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The University of Innsbruck seeks Asst. Professor in Peace Studies

The successful candidate will be offered a 6-year position as University Assistant/Assistant Professor within the Unit of Peace and Conflict Studies. The candidate is expected to develop an independent research project in the field of peace and conflict research with a theoretical approach that takes aspects of applied conflict transformation and/or peace education into consideration.

EMU seeks Visiting Assistant/Associate Professor of Restorative Justice

The Eastern Mennonite University Center for Justice and Peacebuilding invites applications for a 1-year full-time, Visiting Assistant/Associate Professor who will contribute to their MA of Restorative Justice, MA in Conflict Transformation, and MA in Transformational Leadership programs.

What Can Peace Education Teach us about Police Reform?

Monisha Bajaj argues that the global field of peace education has rich insights to offer to the systemic restructuring of police forces and to the training of officers. “Peace” officers must be held to a higher standard and truly uphold and advance peace in the communities they serve.

History Education and Conflict Transformation

This volume discusses the effects, models and implications of history teaching in relation to conflict transformation and reconciliation from a social-psychological perspective. It provides an in-depth exploration of the role of historical narratives, history teaching, history textbooks and the work of civil society organizations in post-conflict societies undergoing reconciliation processes.

Syria: Imagine another way

What could have been done to prevent the worst atrocities happening in Syria? A new animated explainer briefly explores the role a Department of Peace could have played. We don’t propose to have the final answers, but we do hope to spark creative thinking.

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