Imagine Project receives Global Education award (Cyprus)

The ‘Imagine’ project, implemented by The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research, is an educational program on anti-racism and peace education in Cyprus that was recently awarded the “GENE Global Education Award 2020/2021: Quality and good practice in Global Education across Europe.”

Youth Leading the Movement: A Global Dialogue on Anti-Racism

On November 20, the Global Campaign for Peace Education hosted “Youth Leading the Movement: A Global Dialogue on Anti-Racism,” a webinar focused on foregrounding youth voices in the current anti-racism and anti-ethnic discrimination movement around the world. Video is now available.

Dismantling Systemic Racism Starts In Schools

Anti-racist teaching is not new, but it has picked up steam in recent years, with educators around the globe forming anti-racist educator collaboratives. And it now seems more urgent, as COVID-19 has exposed deep social and racial inequities.

Teaching about race, racism and police violence

These resources, curated by Teaching Tolerance, can help spur much-needed discussion around implicit bias and systemic racism, and they can also empower students to enact the changes that may create a more just society.

A Tale of Two Viruses: Lost Lives, Lost Opportunity and an Occasion for Hope

This Corona Connection, inspired by an article by Nancy Sylvester, invites reflections on two viruses: COVID-19 and racism. First, what can we learn from the compassion and tenacity of Dr. Anthony Fauci? Second, what can be learned from the painfully exposed virus of racism that has infected the moral integrity of our country since its origins?

MLK Jr. Epistles and Prophets: Free Adult Education Curriculum

April 4th, 2018 marks 50 years since the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. In observance of the deep and lasting impact of Dr. King’s ministry, Trinity Church in NYC is offering a video curriculum for use by individuals or in group education settings.

The internet can spread hate, but it can also help to tackle it

Social media has changed the way we communicate. It offers valuable opportunities for connection but at the same time segregates people into social ‘bubbles’ that echo and legitimise one’s own opinions. Peace education and digital literacy can be combined to transform the internet into a more positive and hopeful space.

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