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Open letter to Anthony Blinken calling for a fair and efficient visa process for at-risk Afghan academics

This appeal from American academics to the Secretary of State calls for action to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of an efficient and equitable visa process for at-risk Afghan academics. We invite all to circulate the letter through their respective networks and encourage Americans to send it to their Senators and Representatives. [continue reading…]

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Report from Afghan Civil Society

Afghans for Tomorrow recently issued a statement on the current donor situation in Afghanistan and its impact on civil society organizations, education and women. Amongst their suggestions to deal with this crisis is the provision and prioritization of education and employment opportunities for girls and women. [continue reading…]

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Unfair Visa Process Faced by At-risk Afghans Confronted at Last

Values of civic responsibility as learning goals of peace education are intended to incline citizens to demand and propose actions that apply governmental institutions and resources to assure the fairness that comprises justice as the foundation of peace. A current injustice, leading civil society to undertake action to achieve policy change, is the delay and denial of  US visas to at-risk Afghans. Both the ACLU and a group of Senators responded to civil society with constructive actions presented in the two texts in this post.  [continue reading…]