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Please Review Posting Criteria & Categories

Posting Criteria / Submission Categories

In most cases, we will approve posts that are clearly relevant and require only minimal editing without contacting you. Should we have questions, concerns of relevance, or require major edits we will be in touch.

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Basic Posting Criteria

The most important criteria for inclusion in the newsletter is relevance. Our priority is to feature articles that illuminate challenges and successes in the field of peace education and the ways in which peace education is growing and developing around the world.  We also include news and resources related to issues of violence that peace educators should be knowledgeable of so that they might incorporate this knowledge into their curricula and classrooms.

Before submitting a potential contribution, please ask yourself if your submission is clearly related to education for peace. Peace education is a broad field comprising work and research in a number of related sub-fields of education including human rights, disarmament, gender, conflict, nonviolence, etc.

Submission Categories

News & Views

  • News: share articles related to peace education developments from around the world
  • Opinion: share opinion articles and editorials related to peace education
  • Activity Reports: share reports from peace education events, trainings,  & occasional newsletters from other peace education-oriented groups
  • Action Alerts: share notices about urgent and/or time-sensitive campaigns, competitions, or funding opportunities


  • Curricula: share peace-related curricula, videos, and teacher training resources
  • Research: share original and published research on peace education
  • Policy: share news, articles, and documentation on educational policy developments related to peace education

Learn & Do


  • Publications: share information about new publications of relevance to the field and calls for papers
  • Book Reviews: share reviews of important literature in the field

Jobs & Funding

  • Jobs: share job postings and career opportunities in peace education and related fields
  • Funding Opportunities: share information about grant and scholarship opportunities

Article Submission Form

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