Invitation for youth to participate in U.S. Student School Peace and Safety Survey

Hello to my peace education community!  I am excited to be doing new research that I believe will make an important contribution to the peace, human rights, education and conflict, and school security literature.  My study looks to apply a human security lens to understanding and addressing conflicts and violence in schools.  I am conducting a national survey of U.S., public school students (ages 14-20) who would like to share their views on the peace and security policies of their schools.  This includes policies such as active shooter drills, the use of school resource officers (police) in schools, arming teachers, anti-bullying programs, and peer mediation/counseling.

The study is approved by Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) research review board and consent is included in the survey links below (parent consent and student assent is included for those under 18).  The final question of the survey invites students to a (virtual) focus group, for those who wish to join us.

Survey for those 18-20
Survey for those 14-17

Cheryl Lynn Duckworth, Ph.D.
Professor of Conflict Resolution Studies and Peace Education
Halmos College of Arts and Sciences
Nova Southeastern University

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