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The Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF) is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization of over 600 families, all of whom have lost an immediate family member to the ongoing conflict. Moreover, the PCFF has concluded that the process of reconciliation between nations is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable peace. The organization thus utilizes all resources available in education, public meetings and the media, to spread these ideas.

One of the main activities, through which PCFF members seek to convey its message, is in dialogue meetings for youth and adults, in schools, community centers and other frameworks.  The meetings are led by two PCFF members, an Israeli and a Palestinian, who tell their personal stories of bereavement and explain their choice to engage in dialogue instead of revenge.

For the first time in more than 20 years, the Israeli Ministry of Education rejected the Parents Circle application to continue working in Israeli High Schools.

We invite you to sign their petition to the Israeli Minister of Education insisting they uphold democratic values in Israel by allowing bereaved Israeli and Palestinian members of the Parents Circle to continue their vital work in Israeli high schools, promoting the power of reconciliation.

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