Remembering Abdul Aziz Said

On January 22, 2021, the peace knowledge field lost one of its most revered and accomplished “founding fathers.” Professor Abdul Aziz Said was the founder of the Center for Global Peace at American University, a teacher, a humanitarian, and a social justice advocate since the 1950s. His early work made a significant preliminary contribution to the establishment of peace studies.

When I began my own efforts in peace education in the 1960s, Professor Said was a respected presence in what I came to see as the broader field of peace knowledge. He warmly welcomed my efforts, always collegial, frequently collaborative. My being awarded the Seán McBride Peace Prize by the International Peace Bureau (2009) was made the more special by his comments at the ceremony. He enabled many to enter and pursue the field, and inspired many more to undertake and persevere in the vibrant world wide movement in learning for peace.

Rest in power, Abdul-Aziz, friend, colleague, model for all who pursue peace knowledge.

Betty A. Reardon,
Shkurt 14, 2021

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