Seminar “Education for Peace – Resolution Through Dialogue” in Temerin

(Original article: Nansen Dialogue Center Serbia)

izlistavanje_-kljucni_elementi_dijaloga2Tatjana Popović and Dragana Šarengaća, NDC Serbia’s facilitators, were running an accredited training programme “Education for Peace – Resolution Through Dialogue” for a group of teachers at Kokai Imre Primary School in Temerin from 9 to 11 October 2015. The training was organised in cooperation with the school’s Team for the Prevention of Violence.

The themes that were covered during the training were the following: “Dialogue and Debate”, “Communication Skills”, “Conflict Styles”, “Typology of Conflict Resolution”, “The Onion – Positions, Interests and Needs”, “Mapping of Conflict”, “Negotiation Skills” and “Introduction to Mediation”. The participants of the training had a chance to test out the conflict analysis tools and techniques for conflict resolution by working on actual cases of conflicts from the school environment.

At the end of the training, the participants drafted Action Plans and presented activities through which they will pass on the acquired knowledge and skills to the pupils and teachers in the school by the end of the first term. The atmosphere in the training was excellent, full of cooperation, creative ideas and motivation of the participants to learn new things.

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