Self-talk your way to functioning well during the pandemic

Manila, Philippines: Feeling anxious, vulnerable, fearful, and depressed because of the pandemic?

Gail Reyes-Galang, Ph.D. recalls how she felt when she was at the Fear Zone of this crisis. She invites us to do a self-check of feelings revealed by our inner voices and examine distorted ways of thinking that contribute to these deep-seated emotions. Dr. Gail Galang provides practical tips not only to keep yourselves together, but to function effectively in these very challenging times.

The Families for Peace channel aims to strengthen the positive well-being of families across various circumstances. The Families for Peace offers resources directed to parents and children undergoing conflicts brought about by these changing times. By combining theory and practice, family experts, educators, as well as, parent and children advocates, discuss the necessary skills needed to increase the competence of family members in dealing with crisis situations and challenging conditions.

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