Season’s Greetings to All Peace Education Practitioners, Advocates and Supporters

A message from Betty Reardon* as we enter 2020

*Betty Reardon is the founder of both the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE)

To any and all of you who may be celebrating an annual holiday, good wishes for a joyous one, and for the less violent and more just world to which we aspire as we offer each other solidarity in all we do to achieve it.  As we enter this third decade of the 21st century, let us continue to stand in solidarity with each other and all who suffer the violence and injustice we strive to overcome. I hope that solidarity will take the form of on-going support for and active participation in the GCPE and IIPE networks that facilitate our strivings.

I want to end the year in conveying my sincere thanks to all who participated in this past year’s 90K Campaign to support and extend the IIPE & GCPE networks, and to all who joined me in the wonderful celebration of my 90th birthday. The event itself and all that went into and surrounded it was just stellar.  Thanks so much to all.

As I announced at the beginning of the 90K effort, in an effort to encourage supporters to become sustainers, my contribution would be $90 on a regular monthly basis charged to my credit card.  It is invaluable to our efforts to know in advance that there will be sustaining funds for the on-going regular work of the Campaign, and making raising the extra funds for IIPE less burdensome and uncertain. We hope you will consider these factors as you determine if and with how much you can support CGPE/IIPE.

Now that I am in my 91st year, my sustaining contribution, starting in January will be $91, and each year with which I may continue to be blessed, will add one more dollar per month, until the next major K campaign. Should that come to be, it could be 100K, but to be a bit prudent, we might aim for 95K.

How old are you?  Do you have a lucky number? Is there some meaningful number (or a variation thereof) that you might celebrate with a monthly sustaining donation? Even if it be random, please consider making your contribution on a sustaining basis. As we sustain our networks, we witness our solidarity and make possible the continued transnational, multicultural and intergenerational movement we have become.

May we become even more active and more numerous through 2020.


Betty Reardon
December 2019

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