Review of Peace Education Activities in Pakistan

Review of Peace Education Activities in Pakistan

Author: Rameez Ahmed Sheikh

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Pakistan is making achievement towards Education for All. The literacy rate is increasing in current era as compared to the last decades. But in the current scenario, Pakistan is facing as many challenges as related to Terrorism, Violence situation, Political clashes and Economic instability. At this time, Pakistan needs to promote “Peace Education” which will demolish all social evils as aforesaid then we can achieve Peace. The paper focuses and illustrates the nature of peace education in Pakistan in the context of culture of peace. The introductions of diverse definitions of peace, characterization of culture of peace have been put not only in the context of Pakistan but also in UNESCO, UNICEF and other international practice. The goals of peace education are also presented as part of comprehensive human efforts to control violence and bring about a more harmonious world. The paper also includes information about non-governmental groups involved in peace education in Pakistan. The paper also finds discussion about empowerment and capacity building aspects of peace education. The informative aspects of the paper analyses deeper and evaluates peace education in Pakistan and in an all over international context. The discussion about peace education in Pakistan needs more attention of promoters regarding peace activities. The paper needs deeper level of examination about principles, ideals, and actual practice behind peace education.

Rameez Ahmed Sheikh is serving as a Visiting Faculty at Department of Sociology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad – Pakistan (Since September 2014). He is working as an Executive Director at Peace Education Network (PENPAK). His research interests are Sociology of Peace and Conflict, Peace Studies and Peace Education. He can be reached at [email protected]




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