Responding to Recent Shootings and the Perils of Daily Life

(Reposted from: Facing History & Ourselves.  April 26, 2023)

Facing History & Ourselves have developed a mini-lesson to help students process the tragic news of recent shootings of young people going about their daily lives.

About This Mini-Lesson

In less than the span of a week in April 2023, four young people were shot after making minor errors while going about their daily lives: ringing the wrong doorbell, turning up the wrong driveway, opening the wrong car door. This mini-lesson helps students process these events and the feelings of insecurity they may cause, learn about how prejudice is a factor in who is a victim of gun violence, and consider what we can do to help ourselves and others in the face of this news. An optional extension invites students to research different approaches to preventing violence. Each activity can be used on its own or taught in any combination best suited to your students.

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