Resolution adopted at the 2010 International Conference on Human Rights Education

Resolution adopted at the 2010 International Conference on Human Rights Education

The 360 participants attending the 2010 International Conference on Human Rights Education, who came from 27 countries, and comprised human rights experts from diverse professions and academic disciplines:

Recognise that human rights education is essential to the full realisation of human rights and fundamental freedoms and contributes significantly to promoting equality, respect for human dignity, preventing discrimination and enhancing participation in democratic processes,

Recall the United Nations commitment to Human Rights Education as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, various treaties and the current World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005 – ongoing),

Endorse the Australian Government’s commitment to Human Rights Education as the core objective of the National Human Rights Framework (April 2010),

Call on Australian Governments (Federal, State and Territory) to:

1. Include human rights education in the new National Action Plan on Human Rights being developed under Australia’s Human Rights Framework;
2. Ensure that education in human rights and indigenous issues is embedded in the new national curriculum for schools;
3. Adequately resource, and allocate responsibility for the implementation of human rights education, particularly for teachers and educators, civil servants, law enforcement officials, judicial officers, health practioners and military personnel;
4. Foster opportunities for learning and sharing information about human rights from indigenous peoples’ knowledge frameworks;
5. Take up a human rights based approach to Australia’s overseas development assistance, including by prioritizing the integration of human rights education into its programs, particularly in conflict and post-conflict situations like Afghanistan;
6. Recognise that human rights education and human rights legislation are complementary and mutually reinforcing and to consider the enactment of comprehensive federal, state and territory human rights laws, including a national Human Rights Act.

Call on the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights

To submit the report of this Conference to the open-ended intergovernmental working group, responsible for drafting the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training by March 2011.

Call on the Commonwealth Secretary-General

To give priority to preparing a Commonwealth Action Plan for Human Rights Education and Training, for consideration at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth, Western Australia in October 2011.

Remain committed

To working with Governments and international organizations, at global regional and national levels, to promote and protect universal human rights, notably by developing and implementing Action Plans for Human Rights Education and Training.

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