Report of the Youth Workshop: 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Colombia

Report of the Youth Workshop:  16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Colombia

16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Colombia: Building Pathways to Peace


Bogotá, February 2nd 2017 / 17:00 to 18:30

Organizers: International Peace Bureau (IPB) & Fundación Escuelas de Paz


Bogotá was chosen to host the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in 2017. It is the first time the event has been hosted in Bogotá, Colombia with the motto of “Building Pathways to Peace.” Twenty-six Nobel Peace Prize Laureates attended the event.

A special event for Youth Participation was held as part of the Summit.  Fundación Escuelas de Paz (Schools of Peace Foundation) a member of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) network was invited to develop and conduct the workshop. The workshop, “Gymkana of Young People for the Consolidation of Peace,” was held on February 2 with the participation of approximately 100 young people from diverse countries of the world. The workshop was instructed in English.


Objective: To promote, disseminate and collect views and experiences from the attendants in relation to the Guiding Principles on Participation of Young People for the Consolidation of Peace and the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015). This Resolution recognizes “the important role that Young People can play in preventing and resolving conflicts and as crucial Actors for the sustainability, inclusiveness and success of peacebuilding and peacebuilding initiatives.”


The Gymkana methodology was chosen for the workshop.

A Gymkhana “is a test or contest in which participants must overtake various tests and obstacles before reaching the goal”. It is an old / new methodology used by the practices on social technologies. Coming for a traditional game in India, it is used now as a competence or a cooperative games. The Gymkana takes many chances for different ways of participation during a time-limited session. In this kind of activity a series of tasks must be performed at different stations, without leaving the base.

In order to complete all the challenges participants must work as a team – cooperating with each other.

The activities of the Gymkhana were carried out simultaneously so that at the end all groups could share the results and stick them together to carry out a joint creative work, resulting from the production of each station.

Participants must take on the challenge as a group work based on two of the Guiding Principles and form an artistic or playful experience (knit, theater, drawing or mandalas -origami).

After a certain time the collective work is completed and a common proposal of the whole group of participants is built.


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