Re-Enchant the World: Youth Art and Writing Competition

Calling all Educators and Youth!

The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA), a non-profit that is dedicated to sharing visions and strategies for peace-building, social justice and social change, has a Peace Chronicle that is hosting an International Youth Art and Writing Competition. All youth up till age 18 is invited to submit art, poetry, short stories and essays!

The theme is Re-Enchantment, and details can be found here, please download the information sheet. Submissions are open until March 3, 2023!

Learn more and join the competition!

In a time of climate catastrophes, wars and surging mental health crises, this competition seeks to mobilize people all over the world to engage in activities to reimagine and dream about a better future. The idea of Re-Enchantment asks us to fall in love with the world again. How can we connect with the environment and other animals, each other and ourselves with more magic and hope? How can we imagine a world, or change our perspective on our own lives so that it is more fun and loving? How can we become better neighbors and friends to one another? How can we change the world to a more peaceful, beautiful place for all? We would love to hear your ideas!

Furthermore, we invite all educators to join this living document to share any ideas or activities that you can do with students to inspire and create hope both in the classroom and beyond. Anyone can contribute and we hope to foster a global collaborative space.

Student winners of the competition and their educators will be recognized in the Spring issue of the Peace Chronicle hosted by the Peace and Justice Studies Association and be published amongst scholars, artists, and activists in May.


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