Promoting peace through Christian education in the family

(Reposted from: MDPI January 31, 2024).

By Elżbieta Osewska and Józef Stala 
Osewska, E.; Stala, J. Promoting Peace through Christian Education in the Family. Religions. 202415, 175.


Peace has always been a topic of great importance and the origins of thinking about peace and education for peace can be traced back to ancient philosophy. In the 21st century, the presence of peace has been desired by all nations, societies and people of goodwill, especially due to so many international conflicts and wars (the dramatic situation in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Ukraine). Historical and socio-cultural developments concerning peace and violence urge pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists and theologians to seek the foundations of education that promote peace. Taking into consideration the given context and importance of peace, this article will reflect on the issue of Christian education for peace, especially in the family environment. Educators dealing with the issue of peace education refer to various inspirations and sources of knowledge. As this article is written from the perspective of the Christian understanding of peace, the authors will first refer to the teaching of Pope John Paul II as a strong promotor of peace. Papal documents and speeches consequently present that peace has its roots in the upbringing of human beings; therefore, in the next part of this article, Christianity serving the good of the family, the assumptions of Christian education towards peace in the family and practical indications will be shown.

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