Planting 10,000 Moringa Trees and Sowing the Seeds of Peace Education in SE Asia

On July 12, 2021, the Centre for Peace Education Manipur (CFPEM) (India) launched a campaign to plant more than 10,000 moringa trees in South East Asia.  Leban Serto, convenor, dedicated the effort to the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE).  Leban was a participant in the 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace Conference where the GCPE was launched.

At the launch, Leban Serto observed that the World continues to face multiple threats, including climate change – and peace education is needed now more than ever as environmental sustainability and peace are intimately related.  He also noted that actively engaging with local communities and encouraging the growing of Moringa trees is one simple way to address issues of conflict in South East Asia. Leban Serto has developed lessons on peace and nonviolence that incorporate the Moringa tree.

More than 1000 seeds have already been sent to colleagues in neighboring Myanmar.  Further details of the initiative, and how GCPE members can participate, will soon be shared.  Plans to launch a similar campaign in Africa are also being discussed.

We are honored CFPEM has dedicated this initiative to the GCPE and look forward to helping spread the growth of Moringa Trees around the world.

The initiative is supported by a team of advisors including: Mariana Price (South Africa); Hazimi Dibok (Malaysia); Desuup Rixin (Bhutan); Aien Amri (India); Chen Khongsai (Israel); Lulu ( Myanmar); Joanne SP Chan (Malaysia); John Tilji ( Kenya); and Tony Jenkins ( USA). The Campaign is managed by a working team, including: Pinao Mate, Bidaylaxmi Ningthoujam, Ko War Hring, Steward L Kom, Wanglalkhup Aimol’, and Leban Serto.

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