Peacefulness Enhanced by Informal Peace Education (Nigeria)

Olayinka, Akintayo. (2023). Peacefulness Enhanced by Informal Peace Education. Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. 12. 1-10. 10.35248/2319-8834.23.12.068.


This paper examines the southwest Nigerian Yorùbá and their recognized tolerance or peacefulness in the context of Nigeria as a country. It addresses the peacefulness amidst the Nigeria unstable political and social circumstances, and in comparison, with the established Peaceful Societies (PS) in the global context. It provides a concise discussion about peace and conflict studies as it developed in the West followed by an outline of conflicts in Nigeria and amongst the Yorùbá to identify a gap for this inquiry. The paper provides ways that informal peace education could support people of different beliefs to retain their harmony. Yet, there is a challenge to move the study of Peaceful Societies beyond the agrarian and rural communities to investigate modern societies for what it takes to live in harmony.

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