Peace Tandem: conflict prevention and resolution through language and culture exchange

‘Tandem’ is not only a bicycle on which two people make an effort to move forward together, but also a language learning method. Language learning through exchanges in groups or pairs simultaneously gives direct insights into the partners’ cultures and weakens enemy stereotypes.

Since 2019, the ‘Dialogue/Peace-Tandem‘ project has been running, using the method in crisis regions to prevent violent conflict, maintain bridges during it, and initiate reconciliation processes afterwards. Now the 6th version of the free manual has been published.

download the Peace Tandem handbook (English)

The handbook (“Peace Tandem: Conflict prevention and resolution through language and culture exchange”) combines an introduction to conflict theory with practical advice on how to apply the tandem method. It is intended for peace activists, teachers and researchers and can be used with all age groups from kindergarten to retirement homes. Projects (so far in Central African Republic,  DR Congo, Egypt, India and Pakistan, Italy, Nicaragua, Northern Macedonia and Ukraine) range from inter-community radio stations and student exchanges to online bilingual courses on conflict resolution.

The differences to the 5th version:

  1. The manual is now suitable for self-learning, it has questions and a solution key.
  2. Chapter 5 has been enriched with videos and photos.
  3. The project results and comments of the participants are included.
  4. There is also a free coaching service.

The handbook is available in several languages:

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