International Peace Ribbon Tour is coming to your city! (Kenya / global)

The International College of Peace Studies in Nairobi, Kenya launched a 200-meter International Peace Ribbon for the Global Peace Appeal on April 25, 2023.

The launch of the International Peace Ribbon and inauguration ceremony was conducted in conjunction with a special Nairobi Peace Breakfast that was attended by dignitaries and government officials, including the office of the Governor of Nairobi County, His Excellence Johnson Sakaja CBS, religious leaders from across the country, academicians from local universities, business fraternity, and government officials. Also among the guests were the respected International College of Peace Studies Ambassadors of Peace from Tanzania, Zambia, Kingdom of Lesotho, and Zimbabwe.

The Inauguration ceremony was followed by a special band procession of uniformed police officers from Embakasi Administration Police, a convoy of over 60 vehicles, and over 120 volunteers on foot holding the world’s longest international peace ribbon!  The ribbon included 224 country 224 flags. The procession began at 9:30am from Bomas of Kenya and ended in a field where the 200m ribbon was folded into “huge ribbon circle.” A special moment of prayer was conducted by several leaders of countries of the world; songs of peace were led by the Administration Police Band trumpets; a message of global peace appeal was read; and the declarations of the International Peace Ribbon tour were declared.

During the ceremony, Dr. Kennedy Waningu the convener of the Global Peace Signature, a movement in Kenya shared: “We are collaborating and partnering with individuals and organizations, institutions, and initiatives on matters Peace for the Appealing of Global Peace. The commitment should be, instead of using nuclear bombs and war, we can use tools of peace, and tools of dialogue to bring peace and conflict resolution. We are calling upon our communities, states, and governments, to seek dialogue instead of weapons of mass destruction, peace must be impressed instead of war.”

The Peace Ribbon is scheduled to be unfurled in several cities and countries in the coming year, including Tanzania, Kigoma, Virginia, USA, Zambia Lusaka, and August in Seattle, Washington, USA.

The Peace Ribbon Tour is part of the Global Peace Appeal that appeals to all in matters peace for collaboration and unity.

The Global Peace Appeal, the Peace Ribbon Tour, and the Global Peace Signature are initiatives of The International College of Peace Studies.

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