Peace initiative: Professionals to be trained as peace ambassadors (Pakistan)

Peace initiative: Professionals to be trained as peace ambassadors

(Original article: The Express Tribune.  October 23, 2016)

Vocational training centres have launched a project to train professionals as ambassadors of peace in the educational institutions of Multan.

The nongovernmental organisation ‘Empowerment through Creative Integration’ (ECI) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Pakistan Vocational Training Centres (PVTC) for the implementation of a three-month project titled ‘Professionals as Peace Ambassadors’ in Multan.

Under the project, individuals will be assigned to visit the academic institutions and organisations to develop leadership qualities and to discourage individuals from engaging in terrorist activities and extremism.

The main goal of the project will be to train professionals to take part in activities that promote peace initiatives in their respective organisations.

ECI spokesperson Areefa Azam told The Express Tribune the next stage in the project was to expand it to organisations in the rural areas of south Punjab to train professionals interacting with the public.

The project is in line with ECI’s commitment to counter violence and extremism by involving the youth in peace efforts and placing them in positions of leadership.

The project team will be working with 15 teachers and 120 students from PVTC institutions to further the project’s goals.

The ECI has previous experience and expertise in implementing several peace-related initiatives in south Punjab and aims to promote peace education in Pakistan for a brighter, safer tomorrow.

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