Peace Education in conflict settings with Felisa Tibbitts (AC4 Columbia podcast)

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Meet Felisa Tibbitts and her work in Peace Education. She is a Lecturer in the International Education Development Program at Teachers College here at Columbia University and Chair in Human Rights Education in the Department of Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University.

In this AC4 Columbia podcast interview, she tells us about her work in creating a peace and sustainable development curricula for Myanmar, a country with a turbulent history around its recent democracy and that has been on the headlines for violating the human rights of the Rohingya, a local ethnic group.

The Myanmar context made us wonder: can a national peace education curriculum be implemented and have a positive impact in a such turbulent national context?

Conversations from the Leading Edge is a radio show and podcast centered on Peace, Conflict, and Sustainability produced by the Advanced Consortium at the Earth Institute (AC4), a research center from the Earth Institute, Columbia University.
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