Forum held to deliberate on importance of peace education (Peshawar, Pakistan)

(Reposted from: The Nation-Pakistan.  May 11, 2023)

PAIMAN Trust and Qadims Lumiere jointly organiszed a forum in Pakistan called “Promoting Tolerance and Pluralism: Peace Education in Schools for a Harmonious Pakistan.”

The aim of the forum was to raise awareness about the importance of peace education in Pakistani schools and foster inter- communal understanding. The event showcased the successful implementation of a peace education initiative in selected schools and Madaris in Peshawar since 2009.

Under the initiative, PAIMAN Trust has been training 290 teachers from private schools and Madaris to deliver a peace curriculum using experiential learning and creative methods. The goal is to create an environment of tolerance, non-violence, and awareness of human rights, as well as foster inter-communal understanding.

The impact of peace education has been positive, leading to transformed attitudes and behaviours among both teachers and students. It promotes healthy relationships and cultivates a peaceful school culture. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Engineering Peshawar, Dr Iftikhar Hussain, praised the initiative and expressed interest in signing a Memorandum of Understanding with PAIMAN Trust and Qadims Lumiere to orient UET students on non-violence, tolerance, and pluralism.

Dr Ayaz, the Chief Coordination Officer of the KPCE-CVE, commended PAIMAN Trust and Qadims Lumiere for organizing the forum, emphasizing the need to create awareness about peace education as an effective strategy against violent extremism.

Priest Alexander Mehboob, representing the Diocese of Peshawar, Churches of Pakistan, highlighted the significance of peace and harmony in the lives of all Pakistanis. He stressed that every religion values non-violence and tolerance, advocating for the expansion of peace education to more educational institutions to contribute to a peaceful Pakistan.

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