Official release of Religious Peacebuilding Action Guide series

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USIP’s series of action guides on religion and conflict analysis, mediation, reconciliation and gender-inclusive religious peacebuilding provide a practical overview of the religious peacebuilding field and the role religion plays in driving both conflict and peace. They provide examples of how religious actors and institutions have contributed to the prevention and resolution of conflict and offer considerations for how best to engage religious people, communities and institutions in peacebuilding. These action guides were developed in collaboration with the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers and the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice.

After eight years and a global survey of practitioners, two international consultations, an expert symposium and extensive collaboration between the Salam Institute, the USIP Religion & Inclusive Societies program, the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers, and our all-star 11-person author/editor team, the full series of four religious peacebuilding action guides is now complete, published, and available on USIP’s website.

We are grateful for everyone that helped make this possible, confident that the end product will serve as an invaluable resource for religious actors and those who seek to engage them in peacebuilding work. On the website, you will find the following for you to download, use, and share widely.

  • Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding Analysis Guide written by Owen Frazer and Mark Owen, first published in 2018
  • Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding Analysis Guide Summary
  • Analysis Guide in Arabic
  • Analysis Guide in French
  • Religion and Mediation Action Guide written by S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana and Tarek Maassarani, first published in 2021
  • Religion and Mediation Guide in Arabic
  • Religion and Mediation Guide in French
  • Religion and Reconciliation Action Guide written by David Steele, James Patton, and Tarek Maassarani, published in 2023
  • Religion and Gender Action Guide written by Sheherazade Jafari, published in 2023

One or more of these Guides have already been used for courses at Eastern Mennonite University and Georgetown University; featured at the World Parliament of Religions and Peace Con; and supported the training of military chaplains and youth leaders. Don’t hesitate to reach out to if you would like to collaborate around courses, training, and workshops, or have leads for getting further translations funded.

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