Hurricane Fiona Spells Misery for Puerto Ricans After Hurricane Maria’s Unheeded Lessons

We ask for your solidarity with our colleagues in Puerto Rico, especially Anita Yudkin and the UNESCO Chair in Peace Education at the University of Puerto Rico, long active contributors to the Global Campaign for Peace Education. We would be grateful if you could do an adaptation or an endorsement of this letter and send it to your respective Congressional representatives. 

IPRA-PEC – Projecting a Next Phase: Reflections on Its Roots, Processes and Purposes

In observation of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Peace Education Commission (PEC) of the International Peace Research Association, two of its founding members reflect on its roots as they look to its future. Magnus Haavlesrud and Betty Reardon (also founding members of the Global Campaign for Peace Education) invite current members to reflect on the present and the existential threats to human and planetary survival that now challenge peace education to project a significantly revised future for PEC and its role in taking up the challenge…

Why Peace and Justice Education is Important in Places of Worship: An Intro and Curriculum Proposal

This curriculum is intended by its author as a “starting point… for those with no experience of peace and justice studies to bring light and knowledge to places that do not have it.”  We believe that light and knowledge are needed in many sectors of our society.  Although not immediately applicable to all settings, we hope educators will find it useful to understanding the present American context, and welcome contributions on the problems of social and political contexts in other countries.

Peace Education in Indonesia

Muhammad Syawal Djamil suggests that peace education, rooted in Islamic principles, can be sown through family and educational institutions in Indonesia to nurture awareness to the importance of peace and can support the development of a civilized and just society.

UNESCO Rallies Teacher Trainers to champion Peace Education and Prevent Violent Extremism in Teacher Education

The Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda is implementing the Peace Education and Prevention of Violent Extremism project with support from UNESCO’s International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa. A one-day workshop was organized for stakeholder engagement in Kampala on July 29 intended to share experiences on peace education and prevention of violent extremism in selected teacher training institutions in Uganda.

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