New publication – “Value-creating education: Teachers’ perceptions and practice”

Bosio, E. & Guajardo, M. (Eds.) (2024). Value-Creating education: Teachers’ Perceptions and Practice. Routledge.

Offering a pivotal reference point and a wide range of global perspectives of teaching experiences on value-creating education (VCE), this book is a timely spotlight on contemporary issues of globalisation that many educational institutions around the world may encounter. It contributes to the originality of constructing new knowledge in the field of VCE, a forward-looking framework, and an ethical and educational imperative that can be understood in different ways, from diverse theoretical orientations. The chapters written by experienced international educators explore the following questions:

  • How do educators understand the role of VCE?
  • What pedagogical approaches to VCE do educators employ in their classes?
  • How do educators support the values and knowledge of VCE in all curricular areas?
  • What do educators see as the key essential values and knowledge that students should develop through VCE?

It offers valuable insights and applied pedagogical practices for postgraduate students, researchers, educational policy makers, curriculum developers, and decision-makers in higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations (e.g., UNESCO, OXFAM).

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