New publication: Educating for Peace and Human Rights

Maria Hantzopoulos & Monisha Bajaj (2021). Educating for Peace and Human Rights: An Introduction. Bloomsbury.


Over the past five decades, both peace education and human rights education have emerged distinctly and separately as global fields of scholarship and practice. Promoted through multiple efforts (the United Nations, civil society, grassroots educators), both of these fields consider content, processes, and educational structures that seek to dismantle various forms of violence, as well as move towards cultures of peace, justice and human rights. Educating for Peace and Human Rights Education introduces students and educators to the challenges and possibilities of implementing peace and human rights education in diverse global sites. The book untangles the core concepts that define both fields, unpacking their histories and conceptual foundations, and presents models and key research findings to help consider their intersections, convergences, and divergences. Including an annotated bibliography, the book sets forth a comprehensive research agenda, allowing emerging and seasoned scholars the opportunity to situate their research in conversation with the global fields of peace and human rights education.

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Table of Contents

1. Peace Education: The Foundations and Future Directions of a Field
2. Peace Education in Practice: Examples from the United States
3. Human Rights Education: Foundations, Frameworks & Future Directions
4. Human Rights Education in Practice: Examples from South Asia
5. Bridging the Fields: Conceptualizing Dignity & Transformative Agency in Peace & Human Rights Education
6. Concluding Thoughts and the Way Ahead
Appendix A: Annotated List of Further Reading in Peace and Human Rights Education
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