A new peace poetry collection on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Antony Owen: Author of "The Nagasaki Elder"

The Nagasaki Elder

By Antony Owen

After World War II ended for most people the war inside for survivors both physically and mentally scarred from the atomic bombings had just begun. “The Nagasaki Elder” is a poignantly vivid account of the suffering endured by civilians caught up in both the immediate and long term aftermath of the atomic bombings on Japan. Inspired both by years of research and also testimonies recorded of atomic bomb survivors in Hiroshima Owen brings an original, rare and much needed account from a western perspective of a tragic eastern experience of conflict. Set in two parts The Nagasaki Elder shifts from World War II to present day exploring the harrowing and brutal consequences of bombings in all their nefarious forms on civilians.

This is an essential poetry collection for peace educators and is available to order now at V.Press.

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