New issue of Latin American Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies (open access)

The Latin American Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies Vol 4 No 8 (2023) is now available.  


The current issue features:

Research Articles

Social representations about peace built by teachers of a Colombian educational institution by Monica Perez-Prada, Matilde Eljach, Axel Horn

Construction of peace from daily life through care, stories of Mexican mothers of a rural community in the process of urbanization during home confinement By Rocio Janeth Fajardo Gómez, Natalia Ix-Chel Vázquez-González, Guillermina Díaz Pérez, Mercedes Alcañiz-Moscardó

The 2021/2022 management of the Municipal Council for Food and Nutrition Security of Curitiba – Brazil from the perspective of the Defense Coalition Model by Beatriz Ribeiro Rocha, Rubia Carla Formighieri Giordani, Nilson Maciel de Paula

Proposal for pedagogical mediation for high school students from the novel Mamita Yunai (1941) from the perspective of human rights by Lilies Baltodano Rodriguez

Academic Essays

Peacebuilding through Art and Education as politicizing agents in marginalized communities by Giulia Cibelly Mendonça, Maria Fernanda Cavalcanti Silvestre, Paulo Roberto Loyolla Kuhlmann

Participatory conversational methodologies at the service of conflict transformation by Manuel Montañes, Iving Zelaya, Esteban A. Ramos Muslera

Book Reviews

Book review: Hernández Ojeda, Víctor Antonio (2021). Montesquieu and the construction of international peace. Editorial Nun. by Michelle Gonzales Rodriguez


Education for Peace as a tool for integral-cosmological transformation: an interview with Betty Reardon.“Systems that oppress invoke the resistance of those who are oppressed” by Esteban Ramos Muslera, Ursula Oswald Spring

About the Journal

The Latin American Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies is aimed at professionals, researchers, students, faculty, and the general public interested in academic research related to the discipline of Peace and Conflict Studies. It is open to the publication of empirical, methodological or theoretical research articles from Latin America and internationally, as well as the publication of research notes, academic essays based on solid theoretical and empirical bases, relevant experiences duly substantiated, and book reviews. .

The Journal advocates for the plurality of epistemological perspectives and encourages authors to submit articles from different theoretical or methodological approaches to explain peace and conflict phenomena. The evaluation and selection of articles, research notes and bibliographic essays for publication are based on criteria of quality, originality, relevance and methodological consistency.

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