New edited book: Conversations on Global Citizenship Education

Conversations on Global Citizenship Education: Perspectives on Research, Teaching, and Learning in Higher Education

By Emiliano Bosio
Forthcoming from Routledge: 2021

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Conversations on Global Citizenship Education” edited by Dr. Emiliano Bosio Ph.D. includes chapters with Henry Giroux, Vanessa Andreotti, Hans Schattle, William Gaudelli and others. It offers a remarkable collection of theoretically and practically grounded conversations with internationally recognized scholars, who share their perspectives on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in relation to university research, teaching, and learning.

Conversations on Global Citizenship Education brings together the narratives of a diverse array of educators who share their unique experiences of navigating GCE in the modern university. Conversations focus on why and how educators’ theoretical and empirical perspectives on GCE are essential for achieving an all-embracing GCE curriculum that underpins global peace. Drawing on the Freirean concept of “conscientization,” GCE is presented as an educational imperative to combat growing inequality, seeping nationalism, and post-truth politics.

This timely volume will be of interest to educators who are seeking to develop their theoretical understanding of GCE into teaching practice, researchers and students who are new to GCE and who seek dynamic starting points for their research, and general audience who are interested in learning more about the history, philosophy, and practice of GCE.

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