New Book by Werner Wintersteiner: “Learning to rethink the world – plea for a planetary politics”

Werner Wintersteiner: Die Welt neu denken lernen – Plädoyer für eine planetare Politik. Lehren aus Corona und anderen existentiellen Krisen. Bielefeld: transcript 2021. Print 27.- €,

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English Overview

Learning to rethink the world – plea for a planetary politics. Lessons from Corona and other existential crises

By Werner Wintersteiner

The limits and constraints encountered by nation-state policies in the context of the Corona pandemic are an expression of a “multiple crisis constellation.” But they can equally be creatively turned as an impetus for local as well as global choices of direction. In perceptive and insightful essays edited by Hans Karl Peterlini, Werner Wintersteiner not only raises central questions of life and survival, but also draws designs for ways out of global crises. From his critique of the imperial way of life of the present, he develops the concrete utopia of a turn towards peace, solidarity, justice and a gentle treatment of nature: a plea for a planetary politics.

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