Nel Noddings on being present with our students

“I do not need to establish a deep, lasting, time-consuming personal relationship with every student. What I must do is to be totally and nonselectively present to the student – to each student – as he addresses me. The time interval may be brief but the encounter is total.” – Nel Noddings (1984)

Nel Noddings developed the concept of the ethics of care and also enriches education theory. This quote comes from her book “Caring, a Feminine Approach to Ethics & Moral Education.”

Learn more about this quote by visiting the Global Campaign for Peace Education’s very own Peace Education Quotes & Memes: A Peace Education Bibliography.  The bibliographic directory is an edited collection of annotated quotes of perspectives on theory, practice, policy and pedagogy in peace education. Each quote/bibliographic entry is complemented by an artistic meme that you are encouraged to download and spread via social media.

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