Message of Thanks from Betty Reardon to Donors to the IIPE/GCPE 90K for 90 Campaign

Your generosity and support is a deeply appreciated validation of the need, the purposes and the efforts of the International Institute on Peace Education and the Global Campaign for Peace Education.

You have recognized the essential role in, and necessity of, intentional and systematic learning in the global movement for a world that works without violence; and in the politics and processes designed to achieve it. Your support recognizes that without carefully planned and professionally implemented peace education, hope for a world at peace is less likely to be sustained and that without hope it cannot be achieved. Thank you for helping “to keep hope alive.”

Your support attests to your belief that the purposes pursued by peace education are a promising way to develop and cultivate the essential learning that prepares citizens to become agents of peace.  Agents of peace are equipped with: clearly outlined images of possible alternatives to the global culture of violence; knowledge of the institutional needs and possibilities that could enable world society to pursue its goals in nonviolent, life-affirming ways; critical capacities to identify and analyze the obstacles to a global culture of peace; a holistic perspective in which to see the interrelationships among the obstacles; and the skills to engage in the behaviors and politics which addresses each particular obstacle within a holistic framework, based on the values of universal human dignity and the sanctity and integrity of the Earth. Thank you for being active advocates of transformative learning.

Olympus at Fordham Law School terrace. Displaying laurels, drawing presented by Leban Serto, and chocolate Nobel medal presented by Ingeborg Breines.

Your contributions provide some of the urgently needed funding to continue and further refine the efforts through which the Institute and the Campaign have been the initiators and the developers of much that is referred to as peacelearning, providing information about learning opportunities and responsibly designed resources to practitioners through the Campaign’s daily posts that reach thousands of peace educators and activists throughout the world. You are, as well, contributing to the energizing experience of those who participate in the International Institute on Peace Education, an in-depth experience in the participatory processes and evolving substance of peacelearning. IIPE now constitutes a global network of peace practitioners working on the ground in local settings to engage students and citizens in learning and acting for peace. These practitioners exchange experiences transnationally, and stand in active global solidarity with all in this network of hope, competence, and achievement.  Thank you for your contribution to making possible these actual changes in which lie the hope of the fulfillment of our vision of a transformed world.

We believe in the possibility of the vision because we have seen and experienced these viable components of the whole. We continue these efforts, still with resources too limited to meet the full potential evident in these achievements. We are inordinately grateful to you who have made possible their continuation over the near future.  We hope others will join you in contributing to the longer range goal of the 90K Campaign, a firm financial foundation that will assure the on-going continuation of these efforts. We did not make that goal during this year, but we in peace education are used to long-term striving toward the vision and doing so with limited resources. We will never expect limitless resources, but we will strive for adequate. As we thank you, we ask you to spread the word and help us to enlist the support of others who can help bring us to the adequate that will not only keep hope alive, it will help us to come that much closer to fulfilling the hope.


July 14, 2019

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