Mapping Networked Peacebuilding: invitation to participate in survey

Professors Karen Ross and Jeffrey Pugh at the University of Massachusetts-Boston are inviting alumni of peace, conflict, and social activism-related education and training programs to complete a survey as part of their study, Mapping Networked Peacebuilding.  We are pleased to be supporting their project.

The study seeks to develop insights into professional networks that exist among alumni of peace- and conflict- and activism- related international education programs; as well as potential links between participation in peace- and conflict- and activism- related international education programs and continued work in the peacebuilding and social change spheres. 

If you have participated in an internationally-focused education or training program of up to one semester (for example: cultural exchange programs, study abroad, short programs like IIPE, and so on), we would be very grateful if you would participate in this project. To participate, please complete the survey available at the link below.

Your participation represents a significant contribution to this exciting research initiative.  The outcomes of this research will indicate how professional development opportunities arise through participation in the field of peacebuilding, and peace-, conflict-, and activism-related education specifically, as well as highlighting best practices in the field as a whole.  

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