LACPSA-Ghana End of Year Review

Laadi Centre for Peacebuilding and Security Analysis

December 31, 2023

TO: The Global Campaign Peace Education (GCPE)
Subject: End of Year Review

The year 2023 has been unarguably a challenging one for our team. LACPSA-GHANA sees this challenge as an opportunity to identify the obstacles and navigate them in the not-too-distant future.

The challenges included the Akosombo Dam spillage / flood which rendered school children and communities homeless and at the mercy of the weather. This was partly caused by climate change that distorted the weather patterns hence excessive flooding.

Another challenge was some pockets of Violent conflicts around the country which occasioned unprecedented difficulties amongst the community dwellers and within those affected neighbourhoods resulting in interrupted teaching and learning in schools. Most teachers left the affected areas and students never got unimpeded learning sessions.

The growing perception that violence is the way to go when dialogue fails was another challenge. We took the one-on-one campaign to strongly pushed back that impression.

We engaged the citizenry on the need to act nonviolently through integrated medium. In the Bawku West District of the upper East region of Ghana–Zebilla, we had an extensive focus group discussions on nonviolence and many more. The purpose was to water-down the increasing tension within the community since Zebilla was a distance away from the conflict community (Bawku).

Figure 2 One-on-One with drivers

These are community lorry stations where we deliberately had a useful peace education with the drivers to practice nonviolence and preach peace to their followers and passengers each and every time and any day. This was useful to cool down tempers, because any least provocation could spark violence and insecurity in those communities.

Most often, lorry stations are central points by which all kinds of people with different orientations are found. They travel into the community and outside of the community using the lorry station /parks as an assembling point and so, nonviolence engagements or education between drivers and passengers will foster the peace of the communities. The campaign messages included the following:

  1. ‘UNDERSTANDING is PEACE BUILDING & TOLERANCE is Conflict Transformation’
  2. ‘STOP The Guns, DROP The Guns & START The Talks’
  3. ‘Transform CONFLICTS because they are UNENDING Adventure!’
  4. ‘If we all agree that our planet is worth protecting, there is nothing we can’t do to keep it GREEN.’ Let’s goooooooo……

Occasionally, we meet a team of media managers in the Multimedia Group Ltd where we engage them to acquire some education on climate change, conflict and issues on Peace and security.

The usefulness of these engagements are, that they will enhance their appreciation and understanding of the dynamics in peace and security and most importantly serve as a medium to further spread the message of peace as media professionals.

In the year to come, the focus will be to engage educational institutions both formal and informal and take the campaigns on climate change and peace to their homes and campuses using all means possible. This will help us push the agenda of peace and climate change as far as practicable.

We have also initiated discussions on collaborations with The Ghana National Fire Service, and other stakeholders so that we can carry the folks along in the matters of peace, tolerance and climate change.

Figure 5: LACPSA-GHANA’s Team on Climate Change Strategy confab

It’s worth noting that a number of these engagements through every thick and thin were purposefully and in furtherance to honour the Legacies of our Peace Pioneers especially Betty A. Reardon who sadly passed on recently. In the view of LACPSA-GHANA, the best way to honour our Peace Pioneers is to work harder in their honour. We will continue to do so as much as possible.

Our gates are opened for collaborations on climate change and security projects both home and abroad.  We say so, loudly because we have a number of innovative concepts on conflict prevention and climate change ready to roll out anytime and any day to mitigate the hardship and insecurity that climate change and violent conflicts impacts on global community. The time to forge connection across continents is now!

May the souls of all departed peace pioneers rest in perfect peace. We can be reached on the following platforms.

Thank you

Akunkel Musah
Ghana, West Africa
(+233) 244 977 925

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