Kampala schools receive peace education books (Uganda)

Nabisunsa Head teacter, Zulaika Nabukera Kabuye receiving copies of peace education training guides from Turkish Ambassador H.E Sedef Yavuzalap, looking on is Chairman ABETO Moses Musana.

Kampala schools receive peace education books (Uganda)

(Reposted from: New Vision.  March 6, 2017)

Kampala schools have received peace education books from Always Be Tolerant Organisation (ABETO) in conjunction with Turkish embassy.

The beneficiary schools were Kololo Secondary School and Nabisunsa Girls School. Each received 300 books. The books contain information on peace building, reconciliation and patriotism.

The function was presided over by the Turkish ambassador to Uganda H.E Sedef Yavuzalp.

While at Nabisunsa, Yavuzalp said the core objective of distributing books is to combat any form of strikes and instead advocate for peace in and outside schools. She said without peace, prosperity cannot take place in the country.

“Our participation in donation of books acknowledges the support towards peace and democracy building in Uganda,” she said.

She noted that Turkey emphasizes legitimate national democracy in Uganda arguing that democracy is the starting point of peace and stability in the country.

Yavuzalp noted that terrorist groups worldwide have destabilized people and have affected developments and it’s high time that people united and fight them.

She pointed out at the July 15 2016 incident of the planned coup in Turkey where terrorists had penetrated into government agencies such as army and police. The terrorist’s attempts were thwarted by President Erdogan who mobilized people on streets to resist the over throw of democratically elected Government.

“Because of the appeal from the president, patriotic citizens went on street and stopped the planned coup,” she stated adding that it’s always the duty of locals to resist any form of foreigners influence to overthrow their government.

The envoy revealed that there scholarship opportunities from high school level up to PHD levels and asked for Ugandans to apply.

The ABETO chairman, Moses Musana, lauded Turkish embassy for their continued support in emphasizing peace and reconciliation among Ugandan institutions. He said schools such as Old Kampala Secondary School and Lubaga Girls School have received the books.

Musana said ABETO has been partnering with Turkish embassy in peace building for the last three years. He said by June this year, the program will have been rolled out to different parts of Uganda.

Musana said ABETO started in 1999 and since then it has received massive support from government education sectors such as ministry of education, Uganda National Examination Board among others.

Zulaika Nabukeera Kabuye, the head teacher Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School applauded ABETO and Turkish embassy for choosing Nabinsunsa to be on the list of the beneficiaries.

She revealed that the school in 2015 established a peace club that has been instrumental in spreading messages of peace through dance and drama.

“We are ready to spread peace in and outside the school,” said Kabuye adding that: “With peace we can achieve success in different spheres such as education.”

The Kololo Senior Secondary School head teacher Edward Kanoonya pledged that the books will effectively be put to use by students and teachers at school. He said peace is needed in schools to avoid unrest.

“Reading is part and partial of what we do in school and I am sure that the books donated shall be put to a good use,” he said.

He said the books will be made readily available to students by displaying them in library tables so that they access them any time any day.

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