Journal of Peace Education: open access special collection on equity and access

The Journal of Peace Education is offering limited-time open-access to a special collection of articles on equity and access.

Access the special collection here.

Introduction from the Journal of Peace Education

Who gets access to academic journals and is that a fair and just process? How do we decolonize the field of peace education, one historically dominated by voices from the Global North? Deeply ingrained knowledge production processes need to be questioned in order to make space for amplifying diverse voices, honoring diverse ways of knowing, and equitizing and advancing scholarship in the field of peace education.

The Journal of Peace Education’s (JPE) Equity and Access Special Collection will feature open access articles for a limited time frame. This special collection aims to level the power dynamics inherent in the academic publishing process by providing access to high quality, exemplar articles that have been published in the Journal of Peace Education since the inception of the journal in 2004. Identified by JPE Board Members for their theoretical, methodological, and practical contributions to the field of peace education, these articles can serve as models of the quality of articles the Journal seeks to publish.

We invite our global leadership to read, study, and learn from these articles. “Education for the achievement of non-violent, ecologically sustainable, just and participatory societies” will require equity and access in the knowledge production process. Access is one important step in amplifying the voices of marginalized and minoritized individuals and groups. Ensuring their/our voices are recognized, heard, and meaningfully contribute to a global knowledge base of research are important aspirational ideals for the field of peace education. The collective pursuit of just and participatory societies will be strengthened through access, diversity, and equity in knowledge production and dissemination. Enjoy the dialogue with colleagues from around the world and please consider contributing your own research to the Journal of Peace Education.

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