Introducing “Peace Please” – a cooperative card game for a Culture of Peace

“Peace Please” is a card game that introduces players to a Culture of Peace by letting them discuss challenges and possible responses to them. While players discuss the challenge and action cards, they can reflect on their own behaviors and working environment.

Increased cooperation is essential if we want to solve global challenges like the environmental crisis, famine, war, pandemics, etc., and a Culture of Peace (CoP) provides a framework and vision to change the way we think and act. With “Peace Please” we tried to make a big concept like a CoP more practical, by translating the areas into the context of organizations and formulating specific everyday challenges, as well as multiple ways to respond. A group needs to cooperate to decide together on two action cards, which we suggest is done in a Sociocratic way.

The game was developed by five different European organizations between 2020-2022 – with the financial support of the Erasmus+ Programme. Since March 2023 the game and guide are accessible online.

Get “Peace Please” game and guide here 

Organizations can use the game to improve their work environment. There is also a self-assessment tool in the Guide to track progress.

The developers of the game – which is offered for free – welcome your support and contributions so we can continue to make the game freely available.

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